Dienstag, 30. Juni 2015

Freitag, 26. Juni 2015

Wish you all a happy Weekend!

Donnerstag, 25. Juni 2015

The summer residence of Calvin Klein.

The summer retreat of Calvin Klein is a really beautiful one.
Especially the bathroom-bedroom-combination
is a great idea for my renovation plans in my house.

Mittwoch, 24. Juni 2015

dark colors - love.

I so much love These dark Colors today.
Ok, summer doesn't really want to get into the swing,
it feels like fall, and those cuddly Colors
make me feel more comfortable These days.
Isn´t the bedroom looking totally comfy?
and the large table - so great!
I would love to see the rest of this home.
Hope your Wednesday is a cuddly one today!


Dienstag, 23. Juni 2015

Brigitte Bardot, 1960s

Montag, 22. Juni 2015

Freitag, 19. Juni 2015

perfect bedroom.

Love this bedroom today!
Simply perfect, don´t you think?!

Kygo - Firestone Ft. Conrad

Donnerstag, 18. Juni 2015

somewhere in Cuba.

I am so in love today with this home in Havana...
owner are Cuban artist Damian Aquiles
and his American wife, Pamela Ruiz.
How beautiful this big space is!
I could move in directly!
Hope your  Thursday is a Kind one -
filled with beautiful Colors!

Mittwoch, 17. Juni 2015

something cute.

Love this cute painting by Carla Sonheim today.
Isn´t this great? I really love her style...

Dienstag, 16. Juni 2015

Beautiful clothes, don´t you think?!

still love...

I still love Lyn Gardener´s style.
Makes me immediately want to visit some flea markets.
Hope your Tuesday is filled with great ideas
and beautiful moments!
Enjoy your day.

Mittwoch, 10. Juni 2015

color bomb!

via here - Photographer Janis Nicolay.
Looove this Color bomb!

The lovely home of Marie Emilsson.

What a lovely home, don´t you think?
So relaxed and unique and full of inspiration...just as I like it.
It belongs to the swedish Artist and Florist Marie Emilsson.
Makes me think of my future renovations...
Hope your Wednesday is a creative one!

Montag, 8. Juni 2015


unfortunately I forgot where I found These Pictures.
It´s a busy monday after some beautiful free days...
so just a bit Inspiration today.
Hope your monday is a Kind one...and relaxed!

Dienstag, 2. Juni 2015

sunny days.

It will be warmer every day and
I am looking Forward to wear those relaxed clothes.
And a house like this somewhere near an ocean
would make a big dream come true....
Maybe one day...

Hope your Tuesday is a sunny and Kind one!

Montag, 1. Juni 2015

soft tones - love.

via H&M, Mokkasin Blog, Pinterest,
I am so in love with These soft sorbet tones today.
Make me instantly want to repaint my home.
Hope your Monday is a Kind one today -
filled with the most beautiful Colors!

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